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Why don't people think to thank God for Sailors while they are thanking him for Soldiers?

I wish I could tell ya'll just how close it is to Ryan being home so you could share in the excitement with me! Let's just say it's less then a week and leave it at that.

He has been gone since March 28th! I know, I know, to those of you that are with Marine or Army this doesn't seem like a long time but let me also share with you that not only do they have these long underways, but every year they are on a ship (usually 5 years) they deploy for 6-8 months. Sometimes if they get really screwed it's even longer. Ryan comes back for the summer then right at the end of summer he leaves. As of right now, it's only a 6 month deployment but that can change and get extended at any point of the deployment.
I feel likt the Navy deserves a lot more credit then what they get. We are all so focused on the Army and Marines that we forget about the Sailors that make sacrifices every year. Did you know that Sailors deploy to Irag and Afghanistan too? It's called going I.A and Ryan almost decided to go before we became a couple and I talked him out of it (thank God). I have a friend who literally JUST got back in the USA today after being in Afghanistan for 8 months. He is a United States Sailor. It makes me sick to think that people just don't even mention this in their daily lives yet they have no problem saying "Thank God for our Soldiers". Please do not misunderstand me, I myself thank God for our Soldiers but I also never, EVER leave out our Sailors.
To those of you that aren't in a Navy relationship, I hope I have opened your eyes and little, taught you something you didn't know and maybe you will start Thanking God for our Sodliers AND Sailors along with me. Just a thought... :)

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Mrs. JPT said...

Visiting you from Christina's blog "Married to a Sailor". I'm a Navy Wife as well. And I so hear what you are saying. I've asked people this same thing and I typically get the same response "Well, soldiers embodies all of our Nation's branches". I guess.

Enjoy your time with your Sailor before he leaves again!