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There's that voice again

I'm soo excited! I got another phone call from Ryan this morning! The only thing that would make me happier is if he were HERE talking to me instead. I love hearing his voice even if it's on the other line. I miss him soo much that some days I can bearly stand it but then I think about how much he is worth it to me. I stand proudly among the (not so) silent ranks. Being just a girlfriend takes a toll on a girl. We don't get treated the same and really, we mean NOTHING to the Navy. Lucky for me Ryan's command doesn't look at it that way according to my ombudsman. They want us to be treated as equals and I love that! I didn't know until about a week ago when I was talking to her via facebook chat. I plan to attend our monthly FRG meeting this coming Wednesday and I have been excited about it for weeks! Loving a Sailor might not be easy but someone's gotta do it.

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