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How do I love you? Let me count the ways...

LOL just kidding. It would take an eternity to count the ways and I just don't have the time for that.

Getting that surprise phone call from Ryan made me really, really happy. I missed his voice and I think I can deal with waiting until next week when he comes back to hear it again. It's way better in person anyway!

I keep wondering what I am going to do when he walks off that ship. Am I going to just walk up to him like he wasn't just gone for almost 2 months? Am I going to run into his arms, hug him tightly and never let go? I don't know really what I am going to do at this point but I do keep getting this picture in my head of how it will go down and here it is as my head tells it:

I sam standing on the pier for what seems like forever. Finally the ship is "parked" and my heart is racing. I am a nervous wreck! I am looking everywhere up on that ship to see if I can see Ryan anywhere. As I am just about to have a heart attack I see him as he is walking off the ship. *heart attack* *burst of insane happiness and energy* I run so fast I almost knock a hundred people over, smiling my face off the whole way. I finally reach him and I tackle him. He almost falls over because he is carrying a ton of stuff (he took a ton of stuff on the ship so I dont see why he wouldn't be bringing a ton of stuff home lol). I am hugging him tightly and crying on his shoulder. I give him a long passionate kiss and tell him how much I missed him and how happy I am that he is home. Then, I kick him right in his butt for some of the jokes he played on me while he was gone. We laugh and walk to the car to go home, just us :)

Now, my mind is also saying this wont happen. I have always been kind of weird with homecomings. When I saw Ryan as just my best friend for the first time in almost a year, I just smiled and said "heyyyyy" and he initiated the hug. Once I did get around to hugging him I didn't want to let go and we hugged for a lot longer then I expected.

So, the other part of my brain is saying that I will finally see him walking off the ship, walk up to him with a big smile on my face and hug him for forever. Of course the kiss will be there too, I just don't know exactly how I will act.

Is it normal to feel weird about homecomings and wonder how you will act?


Marissa said...

Haha heck yes it is! It's super awkward to sit there and go through the list before he gets home, but it also helps occupy time. I'd go for the whole run up to him and have a heart attack thing. I'm gonna be at the airport with Matt's mom (he doesnt know this, lol) and just pop out (I'm insanely short so i'll hide behind sombody) and be like 'HEY!' Lol I think the running to your Sailor would be adorable!

Jen said...

Hi Brittany!

Just wanted to say I love your last post, I KNOW what that feels like, haha, and homecomings are always more awkward then you see them in your head :) My husband and I joke about that all the time, because the first 5 minutes of seeing each other after an underway we always struggle with the part of us that wants to maul each other right on the pier ( completely inappropriate :)) or just slap each other on the shoulder and say " hey, good to see ya!" :) We usually meet somewhere in the middle of the two extremes:)

Looking forward to following your blog!

Brittany Sommer said...

Thanks ladies! I'm super glad that I'm not the only one lol! Thanks for following Jen! I followed you back :)

Delainey said...

I love this post because I was thinking all the same things all the time my Love was deployed. It honestly took everything in my power to not kick a baby down just to get to those buses. (I pushed my way to the front of the crowd at the Motor Pool so I wouldn't "accidentally" kick a child.) All joking aside, homecoming is so amazingly wonderful that everything goes in a flash and your body just goes into auto pilot.

I look forward to your homecoming post and seeing how the whole thing plays out!

Brittany Sommer said...

Oh my gosh! Your comment has me cracking up! That totally sounds like something I would do hahaha!