My song and an announcement!

I have always adored this song but it is so near and dear to me now. I bawled listening to it. You see, we found out 4 days ago that... I'M PREGNANT!!!! After trying for only 2 months and constantly worrying that it wouldn't happen, here I am with a little poppyseed growing in my belly. We are beyond overoyed! So, this one's for you poppyseed. Mommy and daddy can't wait to keep you safe <3

                          There is no denying! But just in case... Here's my discharge notice from the er:
Indeterminate just means they were unable to see the baby via ultrasound due to how early in the pregnancy it is.

Now that you have wiped those tears from your face, go link up!


Take a look-see

Eyeshadow size xl $2

Bisou Bisou size large $3

Old Navy size medium $2
Old Navy dress size large $3


Old Navy size medium $1

Mossimo size xxl, fits like a large. I normally wear medium-large in tops.
Old Navy size 14 boyfriend style $3

Charlotte Russe size 6. Worn 3 times. $1 Had circle stickers on the inside to show size. Residue will be removed if sold.

Old Navy size 6 $1

Dingo size 7 asking $5 OBO

Candies size 7 SOLD

Cocoa size large $1.00

Old Navy size medium $1

Mossimo size large $1

The side view of the Cocoa pj pants

Scrub sizes range from small-large $1 each

Dickies xl cropped scrub pants $1

From left to right: EXPO size large fits like a medium, EXPO size Medium, SP size Large and EXPO size medium. The medium EXPO ones were my favorite and are super comfy. They both flare as well.


Virtual garage sale... Interested?

So, if I were to have a virtual garage sale on my blog who would be interested? Clothing sizes range from medium to xl. Jean sizes are 14 and 16 (16 fits like a 14). Shoe sizes (the only 2 pairs I could give up lol) are 7. I will have lightly worn pj pants, shirts, jeans, a dress and a couple of skirts plus a random cute necklace I love but never wear.

Please let me know asap! I have photos and am ready! I just need buyers or at least people interested!

I also MAY throw a silver Nine West clutch in but I would want nothing less then 10 bucks for it since it was a little pricey to begin with and I only used it once. It's crazy cute though!


Am I really being judged

Based on my post before this one? I lost a follower and probably the same person "disliked" the post. Last I knew all of the people that follow my blog were adults but clearly I was wrong. So, if you don't like me talking about adult stuff PLEASE unfollow me. I won $55 dollars to use however I wanted to on that website for posting that blog and anyone in their right mind would have done the same given the oppurtunity.

Grow up and live a little!



You give me that vibe (adult content)

We all know that one of the reasons deployment is rough is because of the lack of intercourse. Am I right or am I right? I know I'm right because I have been there! Who has toys? If you don't, WHY. NOT? Okay so maybe it isn't exactly the same but if you can't get the berry, at least take a shot at the juice! Fine, my reason for this post is because I found a really awesome website called www.edenfantasys.com ;) I urge you to check it out! Whether you love toys and are looking for a good new site, or you have never touched them and are ready to experiment. What are you waiting for? Click the link: Adult shop

My favorite thing in the world is a vibrator. I don't feel the need for a lot of penetration, just a little, and on top of that, I am one of the few unlucky ones that can't have/never has had a g spot orgasm. Yeah, don't judge because trust when I say, my sex life with my husband is golden. Anyway, I was checking some out on the site earlier and found one that I really think I want. You can view it here: G-spot stimulator. I have been on and off experimenting with one very similar but it doesn't seem to be as good as I had expected. It isn't from Eden Fantasys either.

I also found this: Sexy Sailor costume and now I kind of want that too! I think I could find WAY TOO MANY thing that I want on this website. So, go check it out. Maybe you just don't want to get into the toys, but they have so much more then just that. Oh, and they have toys for your men too. You know, the guys that are gone for months on end with just their hand? Do a guy a favor lol.

I know it's totally not like me to post something like this, but I am pretty passionate about it. Not to mention it can add fun to the bedroom. They even have naughty games, lubes, edible paint and so much more! It's just a toy! Not like your cheating. My mom once said "Oh so you AREN'T waiting for Ryan?" and I replied "Yes I am. I'm not having sex with anyone". She's old fashioned. She just doesn't get it.