I've lost myself

Where do I even start? Well, I guess we could start with me not blogging anymore. I had Abby and didn't blog much. Then, I had another baby and just stopped! Well, I kind of stopped before having her but still stopped non the less. 

I have also let myself get wrapped up in wondering why the couple of people I'm "friends" with here not ever inviting me to do anything and not doing anything even when I ask them. I've started to really ask myself why I really care? I can make new friends and they will be people that want to be around me and will make time for me even if they are busy. 

Have I mentioned that I have been failing at being a wife because I'm so wrapped up in being a mama? I mean, seriously! I love being a mama so so much that I forgot how much I love being a wife. I'm definitely working on that one too. 

It's truly been a long long time since the last time I blogged. I'm now a mama of 2 beautiful little girls. I promise I will be telling my birth story and playing a lot of catch up in the next couple of weeks. Talk to whoever is still following then!!