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Something FANTASTIC to read ;)

He's home!!! He has been for a few days now and, well, that should pretty much cover all basis as to why I haven't been blogging. Seeing him again after going almost 2 months was basically the best day of my life. I had previously wrote about how I might act when I finally see him and it really didn't go either way. We kind of met somewhere in the middle. Fast walked toward eachother with big smiles on our faces and hugged eachother for a really long time, kissed, told eachother how much we missed eachother and I remembered to kick him in his butt for the jokes he played on me while he was gone.

A major sense of relief has come over me in the past few days. It has been amazing to have him back and I don't even think the word amazing even covers the extent of it. I'm real glad he's home :)

We did Relay For Life with a few friends yesterday and it was mentally and physically exausting. I was really glad to be home and in our bed by the time we did get here.

Here's a couple of pics that were taken before Ryan and I were reunited:

Me as I waited for liberty to expire :)
Ryan right as he was walking towards me :)


THE best feeling on earth!!!
And the weight of the world has lifted off my shoulders

El Oh Ve Ee

Now that he's back it doesn't feel like he was gone at all. Nothing in the world is better to me then being in his arms and I am so happy he is home!


Milegxis said...

aww im so happy for u!!
those pics make me sad and a little bit anxious.. hubby is out on some trials and when he finally arrive i can't go and pick him up because i don't have my ID yet! =\

Brittany Sommer said...

Noooo!!! That was the most amazing day of my life to date! Lol I hate when people tell me a pic of mine made them cry or made them sad!