You blink and time has passed so quickly. How could Thanksgiving be in just 3 short days? How can it be that Ryan's cousin will be here TOMORROW?? And then, how can it be that 3 days after he goes back to IL, we will be hearing our little nuts heartbeat for the second time? Oh time, go ahead and keep this pace up because I am loving it!

Today I called and scheduled a special 3D/4D appointment and I am so so so excited to get to it! Come on December 10th! You are so close but you are so far away!
I know not all of you are following my baby blog but for the ones that are, I am sorry, you will be seeing this next picture twice! Here I am at 13 weeks!!


Taking that step

I decided to be that girl and join the club with having a baby blog. Some of you already follow it since it once was my TTC blog but for those of you who would like to continue getting baby updates, follow me here: Baby At Last!


Tis the season?

I don't know about you guys, but I love to say what I am thankful for all the time. I totally get that this season serves as a gentle reminder for those that don't have the time or are too busy to say what they are thankful for and I have come to like seeing the posts in my news feed even though I stand by what I said about it last year and the year before, etc. People should be thankful year round, not just once a year for 30 days. With that being said, I feel inspired to list 10 things I am thankful for currently. (This list is in no way. shape or form in order. It's just a list. Nothing on this list is number 1 or 10).

1) My amazing husband. He is and always has been my rock. Without him, I don't know where I would be today but I am willing to bet that I would be living with my parents hoping for Prince Charming to come around. He never would have. Ryan is Prince Charming.

2) God. I don't feel like I should have to explain why. My whole life is why. This baby that is growing inside of me is why. I have been blessed with MANY blessings and I don't know what I did to deserve them.

3) My amazingly supportive family. They have always been wonderful but it especially shows right now. They are always checking in on me to insure that all is well with me and with the baby. I love that they want to make sure everything is ok. That shows me that they care and they know I worry because of what happened before.

4) Our wonderful home. We are so blessed to own our home. Rather than throwing our money away on a rental every month, we are now investing in our future. It's wonderful.

5) My friends. I don't have many but the ones I do have are so awesome. I don't know what I would do without them.

6) Our fur babies. Sandy will no longer be ours next month but for the time we had her, she has been a blessing. And Mocha, our first, she has always been a light in our lives.

7) The Navy. Yes, I said it. As much as I hate coming second to the Navy, the Navy is the reason we have everything we have. The Navy gives us free healthcare. The Navy is the rock that makes Ryan able to be my rock.

8) Finally being blessed with a baby. We all know this has been a rough ride for Ryan and I but in 6 months, when we are holding a sweet tiny baby in our arms, it will all be worth it.

9) A comfortable bed. Thank GOD for having a comfortable bed. I am already having a hard time sleeping but the bed being comfortable has helped a LOT!

10) Life in general. I know, that's a wack way to end this but taking a look around myself, I can't believe this is my life. If anyone would have told me that I would have this life, I would have laughed. I never thought this would be my life. From being with a man who is gone more than he is home to being pregnant and growing a precious little life. I am blown away.


I am practically speechless

I just... I can't believe I am really going to have this baby. After the ultrasound today, it has really been sinking in and I have been fighting tears of joy all day and night. I am so overcome with joy. For a while I was trying to not get too close to this pregnancy because I couldn't help but worry that I would lose this baby too. I mean, my only pregnancy ended in heartache over a lost baby. To this day I mourn that loss. But, now? Now it feels real and I just can't believe that Ryan and I are really going to be mommy and daddy at the end of May. It's insane and amazing all at the same time.

Today the doctor acted like they weren't going to do an ultrasound because another doc did one a few weeks ago when I went in for my er check up. The only thing I could mutter was "I just don't understand why you wouldn't do anything to make sure the baby is ok" and then came the water works. I cried for a good 5 minutes while Ryan explained why we needed this ultrasound so badly and the doctor no longer hesitated. After doing my pap, he probed me and guess what? Our baby was moving around like there was a party going on in my uterus. What are the odds that a baby would be so active at 10 1/2 weeks?! Good grief!

Anyway, here are the photos of our beautiful baby <3 p="p">

Lastly, I'm honestly not sure if this is a bump or if it's bloat but I have read over and over again that if you aren't in shape, you could show sooner because your muscles are loose. So, here is my MAYBE bump!



Monday is my next appointment and hubs and I have been waiting forever for it! Thanking God it is finally almost here.

Baby Dawson is now 10 weeks and 2 days old and as far as we know, is doing great :)

My symptoms are:
Morning sickness from time to time (I will wake up knowing I am about to puke and let the dogs out, then it's done)
Food aversions still
Irritability (my poor husband :( I feel so bad for him)
Sleepiness during the day
Restlessness at night
And I think that's it!

The list has become a bit shorter huh?

I will make sure and post pictures asap!

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!