Yes, it finally happened! Yesterday was the big day! It couldn't have been more amazing if I had planned it myself!

All of the stuff I wanted to do before Ryan got back was done 3 days before he came home and the rest of the time seemed to just fly by until that moment.

The second I saw him everyone around us disappeared and time stood still. Tears filled my eyes and then I laughed, when he saw me he almost fell down the stairs. The second he reached the bottom we embraced for what seemed like forever and had our first kiss, touch, hug and everything in between in 6 months. It was the first time we had seen eachother too as we had no skype. Words will never express just how I felt at that moment so I am just going to say this, it was the most amazing thing I have ever witnessed in my entire life, EVER. Writing about it brings happy tears to my eyes. The second I saw that ship pulling around the bend, those same happy tears filled my eyes. It was just, beautiful.

Here are the 3 pics I have right now:

This is the before picture of my victory pose with the ship in the background <3

This is THE one. The moment when nothing else in the world mattered. Look at the smile on his face! I'm told he NEVER stopped <3

And this, this is GENUINE happiness, nuff said. Oh and some beautiful red roses <3

Looking at these photos, and writing this blog took me right back there. Deployment was hard, next to IMPOSSIBLE  at some points but, it's OVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm supposed to be cleaning

Or scrapbooking but I am waiting for files to upload of the pictures I am scrapbooking with and I was going through the pictures I had on my desktop and this photo sidetracked me. Hence, blogging inspiration:

You see, I truly from the bottom of my heart and with my entire being, believe this. I really do. I don't even think anything will ever change my mind. Really, I don't want anything to ever change my mind. I feel like I am in a fairy tale.

Don't mind me for being in a sappy mood but Ryan comes back really soon and I am overcome with joy that in less then a ____ we will be falling in love all over again. Touching eachother, holding eachother, hugging eachother, kissing eachother and everything else in between. One of the things I have missed the most (other then feeling his presence in one way or another) is driving in the car while jamming out with him. It might sound really silly but one of my favorite things to do was go on long car rides with him, crank the music and sing like we didn't have a care in the world. I can't wait to do that again.

I am also very happy that I won't have to make the trip to Indiana alone anymore. the next time i go there, he will be with me. I love that. Even though I can make the 13 hour trip without him, it's hard.

I have been really bored trying to make the time pass today. I have smoked more then I normally do and sat on my lazy butt more then I wanted to but it's 7 pm now and I feel like I don't have enough time or motivation to do the things I planned to do tonight. Ahhhhhhhhhh homecoming is SO DARN CLOSE!!! can you tell I am getting a bit more excited? The more I think about it today, the more excited I get. I am currently shaking from the excitement. That may cause problems with the scrapbooking lol.



It's so close it's almost staring me right in the eye on a daily basis. Yet, I find myself not near as excited as I expected to be at this point. I have mentioned to a couple of friends that I firmly believe that has to do with the mind games the Navy plays. The constant let downs have turned my heart to stone. Don't get me wrong, I am crazy happy that my husband will be home in less then a ______ but I just don't feel it yet. I felt homecoming anticipation start well over a month ago, then it vanished into thin air. Maybe this is my minds way of keeping me sane. I really don't know, and I really don't understand. Either way I can't wait to be wrapped up in that Sailors arms again. Just the thought of his touch makes me weak. I wish anyone knew when he comes home so that they could bask in this glorious time frame with me. Well, a few people DO know, but not many of my blogger buddies as it goes against OPSEC to post exactly when that man will be home. All I can say is, SOON. Very, VERY soon. And I can't wait :)


I have awesome news!

But it goes against OPSEC to disclose it SO I will have to share it with you after it happens! I am one excited lady!!!

While you're here, I bet you noticed my shiney new blog layout. Cute huh? I have Christina to thank for that. She did a wonderful job :)

I got all my homecoming gear. All I need is the day to get here!


Thursday Five





Honestly, I couldn't have prayed for a better husband. God has blessed me in the best way possible and I will never be able to thank him enough. He is everything I need, want and could have ever pictured in my life. The best gift I have ever recieved by a landslide.

My friend Kristen and I have been spending a LOT of time together. She is absolutely splendid. I am actually going to miss her when Ryan gets back. I HAVE. TO. make time for her after he comes back. We go through withdrawels when we don't see eachother for a day. It's sad, but that goes to show you how wonderful our friendship is.

Ryans homecoming is just around the corner, quite literally. I keep thinking about the moment our eyes meet again and I know it will be perfect. It doesn't seem to be coming fast enough even though the days are flying by. I would love to time warp to that day.

Most of my upcoming blogs are going to be about homecoming. I can't help it. It's going to be spectacular. I have waited far too long to be in his arms again. The anticipation is absolutely KILLING me. I am SO OVER this deployment.

I have pretty much everything ready to go for homecoming. I have a fancy dress that I am absolutely dying to wear. I ordered my homecoming jewelry a couple days ago. I haven't gotten my shoes just yet but I already do have a pair of shoes that I am thinking about wearing. Everything is covered, all I need it my husband!


The beauty in deployment

Reconnecting and falling in love all over again before homecoming has even hit. Ryan just did it to me and now I miss him like crazy. I could have talked on the phone with him forever today but two 1/2 hour phone calls did wonders. Finally hearing the emotion in his voice saying, "I miss you SO much" and literally feeling as though he is standing right next to me was nothing short of incredible. This, this was the best conversation we have had all deployment. There have been times when I wondered if he even thought about me anymore. If he even cares that I'm holding it down on the homefront, crying into his pillow on nights when I feel like I can't take it anymore. I was talking to him about homecoming and he blew my mind with these lines (not exactly the same, but very close), "If you're there, that's all I need. You're my world. You're my wife and the love of my life. Nothing else matters as long as you're there". Typing it gave me goosebumps again. He brought tears to my eyes and whether he likes it or not, I'm telling you, he cried. It was overwhelming. As sick as it sounds, I needed to hear him cry. I really did because throughout this whole thing I have wondered if he really even misses me. Now I know, he does.


It's FEBRUARY!!!!!

Today is a FABULOUS milestone in this deployment. It's finally the month he comes home! I can't wait to see this gorgeous face in person again. This picture was taken during a game of apples to apples and I thought this card fit him quite well. To this day, I still firmly believe he is my Prince Charming and I just know I will feel that way forever. He's amazing <3

Last night DH told me that there would be a package in the mail today and tomorrow so hopefully I would be around. Well, I wanted to know where these packages were coming from (wrong, sneaky but oh so invigorating) so I checked the account activity and wouldn't you know they were both from proflowers.com? So, I got the first one around 11:30 and they are just beautiful! I so can't wait for them to blossum. I also can't wait to see what tomorrows package will bring <3

Tonight is the big night! I can't wait to help build this wonderful family a new place to call home! Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, I hope you're ready cuz here I come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!