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After 1 week...

One whole week of just him and I, he goes back to the ship tomorrow. Which means I will have him for half a day every day again. Which means duty again. But it also means he is HERE. I wouldn't be able to say all of this if he was still gone :) Tomorrow is also another marking point. 5 months for us. Time seems to be flying by so fast now that he is home. This week has been, to put it lightly, fantastic! After not seeing him for almost 2 months, getting to be with him for a week straight has been just short of my version of heaven.

I have had a few people on here and on facebook tell me that my picture made them sad or made them cry and that really stinks for me because it was the happiest moment of my life to date. I understand what they are going through because I know that is how I felt when I would see homecoming pictures while Ryan was gone but now that he is home I cant imagine being sad while looking at that picture. All it holds for me are happy memories :)

I think it sucks a whole lot that he has to go back tomorrow but it'll be good for us. I'm sure after so long of being with eachother day in and day out would make us a mild bit sick of eachother lol. It's not a bad thing to feel that way though. I have thought it might be wrong to have those feelings but I can imagine it getting a little old. As of right now, we pretty much cherish every bit of time we get to spend together because it's not often that we get any decent amount of time together plus on top of it all, the big red letters, that ugly d word, though it's a couple months away, is right around the corner. Before I know it, I will be sobbing uncontrollably on the pier. I can only pray he doesn't watch me too much. I don't want it to be harder on him then it has to be and he told me it was pretty hard watching me on the pier when we were only friends. I can only imagine how he is going to feel now. Same goes for myself.

I have been talking to and trying to help somewhere around 5 women from all across the country deal with deployments and underways and I really feel like it has helped me tremendously. I heeded my own advice. Hell, I didn't know but 1 person here (my bff) before Ryan left and now I have close to 10 of my OWN friends. One of my closest friends is leaving in the next month or so and that really sucks but we have decided we will have a designated Skype day. I'll miss her a whole lot. She was my first friend other then the bff and she helped me through a whole lot. I dont know what I would have done without her.

Point being, if you are looking for ways to deal with deployment/ long underways, heed my advice. Make friends and hang out with them as much as possible. Don't sit around the house all day moping. These friends ought to be the kind that wont be bad influences on you and if they are you ought to have strong willpower otherwise they could get you in a big mess of trouble. Get a hobby! I know it sounds SO old and cliche' but do it! My hobby became blogging. I blogged a LOT after Ryan left and I had only posted a few blogs before he left. Last but not least TOP thing to do with your time, DONT FOCUS ON THE PRESENT. Focus on keeping your butt busy! Don't think about the emails and phone calls constantly! If you can do all this, you wont have half the hard time you used to have or will have soon for those of you who have yet to deal with an underway or deployment! Any questions, feel free to ask away! I really enjoy giving advice and from what I understand I have been helping quite a few ladies with their deployment/underway issues :)

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Nice Post Ma'am! Like the New Lay out too!