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So, guess what?

I burnt another day off the calander. I am basically super angsty! There is an event tonight for wives only and I wish so badly that I could go with my friends! It's all good though. I decided today I am going to pick out a couple new nail polish colors. I want everything to be perfect for Ryans homecoming and it is coming up FAST!

I have an idea (the perfect picture) of how I want to look on that pier for Ryans homecoming and here it is:
A dress. I will not specify what dress because Ryan reads my blog lol. Lets just say, he hasn't seen it.
I want my hair to be perfect with beautiful curls either done by a curling iron or done by me not drying my hair. We will see if EITHER of those happen lol.
Perfectly painted toenails and fingernails.
Perfect makeup (even though Ryan says I dont need it).
And last but not least, a super cute pair of flip flops that just about match the dress perfectly. I dont want to be insanely dressed up, just kind of beautiful islandy if you get what I mean.

I feel like it's all going to go down quite a bit differently because, well, this IS the Navy we are dealing with. I keep thinking that day is going to be a total disaster before Ryan gets home. It plays out in my head as this:
Ryan calls at 8 am and I haven't been awake yet. He says they are 2 hours from pulling in. Now, if any of you know what traffic in Virginia Beach headed to NOB is, you will understand what I mean when I say I HAVE NO TIME TO GET READY!!! Maybe 45 minutes. So, I throw on my dress as planned, run a wet brush through my hair so that it will be a little wavy, throw my makeup on, find those flipflops and in the process chip the fingernail paint job I did the night before. I get halfway to base when I realize I didn't shave my legs when I showered last night. My thoughts: OMG I am a mess! I cant believe I look like crap for Ryans homecoming!

Yeah, I might look like that and I might think those things when, really, Ryan doesnt care how I look when he gets back. I will still be that same girl that he fell in love with that waited patiently (often times IMpatiently) for him to come home and I think that would make me far more beautiful to him then any dress, hair style, polish, makeup or shoe could.

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