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Tackling an impossible feat

What I am going to show you guys is disgusting. In my eyes at least. Ryan and I suck super badly at cleaning our room. It is basically a mess right now. I want it to be perfect when he gets home but there is so much to do with it and I dont know what to do with over half of his things. Let just say, he has clothes (clean AND dirty and I have no clue what is clean and what is dirty), bins, odds and ends (I decided to put them in the bins lol) and I dont even know at this point what else. I want to say, we really arent dirty people. The apartment is usually always clean BUT we are hardly ever in the bedroom so we always forget to clean it and by the time we get around to it we are in over our heads as I am right now. It is such a mess in there since I have hardly been in there since Ryan left (I sleep on the couch). I had no clue it had really gotten this bad:

You see that little clean spot over there? That is the small amount of progress I have made due to my impatience. What's worse then being impatient while cleaning a room this dirty? Being a perfectionist, that's what. When I looked at the room today and realized just how horrible it was, I just wanted to crawl in a hole somewhere and die lol. And I didn't even show you guys the walk in closet. My side doesn't look so bad because I always keep up with it. His side... I'm just going to say, it's going to be fun trying to figure out what to do with all the stuff he has in there.


Gah! Cleaning this room is really getting to me. Going from spending 0 - 2 minutes in there a day to spending an hour + at a time in one day is like torture lol. I never wanted to go in there and clean. I didn't want to have to be in the room that has soo many memories and they aren't only MY memories, they are OUR memories so it's just kind of hard. I guess maybe that's another reason why I just can't seem to stay in there for too long. It's a good thing I have music in there to keep me a little sane.

SO here is an update on the room lol:

Still pretty dirty huh? Don't worry, I am working on it lol. Even though it's driving me crazy it is killing a whole lot of time and that is something I needed...

                                       This is the closet AFTER I started cleaning up in there:


Last update before I show the finished product:

After the many hours I spent in this room, almost losing my sanity because of my own impatience and countless breaks not to mention the perfectionistism, here she is in all her glory:

I am just happy it's finally done. After cleaning the house spotless it is now 11:20! Time really went out the window today!

Now Tia, Ali and Matt are here and it is SO good to see them :)

Perfect ending to my night!

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