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Time seems to be flying now!

And I am lovin every minute of it! I absolutely cannot wait until Ryan gets back! I made a new friend yesterday. I had known her from facebook for a while but we finally met yesterday and she is really nice. I can see us becoming good friends! It really excites me when I finally meet new people since I am pretty much alone here in Virginia Beach. I am also meeting another girl tonight when I go to church with her. I'm pretty excited about the church as well. Ryan and I have gotten to email a lot more lately and that makes me really happy. I think that may be what is helping time pass by. I have plans for a good portion of the week. Tuesday I am going to play scrabble at Pembroke Mall. Wednesday I have the FRG meeting which I truly cant wait for! Thursday I have a Relay for Life meeting and Saturday I have plans to hit up the beach with another new friend! Who knows what's going to happen in between those plans! I have a good feeling that this week is going to go by super fast!

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