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Well then...

There goes another day :) So, I was told that counting down the days only makes time go slower but I really don't feel like it does. I keep busy, then at the very end of my day I mark the day off on the calander. It's super refreshiing to know how few days I have left. I know I wont be doing this during deployment. Maybe, lol. I just know the deployment days are wayyy too long to count. I will probably start that countdown a month before Ryans homecoming. I am spending a good majority of my time this week at my best friends place. I am thinking it will make time go by super fast and even if it doesn't at least I will be with someone. I feel like this last week has been dragging so far. I can't wait for it to just be over with and have Ryan back in my arms.

Another plus side to going to Tias is that I get to work out. That excites me because I haven't gotten to work out very much since Ryan left. We have a free gym here at the apartment complex but I can't use it because I'm not on the lease. Either way, I am in desperate need of time with my bff.

Once I come back here I am going to keep super busy so the last few days don't last forever. I know the last day I am here alone I decided I am going to clean the house spotless. It's not like it's really dirty or anything right now I just want Ryan to come home and be like, "woah babe". I want him to be happy about how the place looks even though he wont really notice it at first ;)

I just want everything to be perfect for Ryan when he comes home so he can just kick back and not feel like he has to worry about anything. I want him to be able to relax without stressing about anything. Just him and me :)


Anonymous said...

Agreed! Clean houses are the best! Just keep busy girl and the days will fly. You can always jog outside as well, get a little bit of a tan while you're at it!

Marissa said...

Have I mentioned that I love that song Wait For Me? I found it about 4 months ago now, and its still my FAVORITE!! Lol I sent it to matt and he almost broke down

Brittany Sommer said...

I love that stinking song! The first time I heard it was only like a week after Ryan left and I bawled! LOL I dont even know if Ryan has heard it and I have no clue how he would act if he heard it.

Delainey said...

BRITTANY! I am glad you found my blog, you being a new follower sure did put a smile on my face. I am not officially a follower or you!!

Much Love,