This is what I believe

These are my beliefs, there are many like them, but these are mine.

I believe every baby deserves breastmilk.
I believe co-sleeping is best for a baby.
I believe there is nothing wrong with a breastfed baby refusing a bottle or pacifier.
I believe letting a baby cry it out is mean and cruel.
I believe in cloth diapering.
I believe in the "attachment" way.
I believe in the "crunchy" way (for the most part).
I believe people that don't try to breastfeed because they don't want to are selfish.
I believe people that judge women breastfeeding in public are ridiculous and disgusting.
I believe in babywearing.
I also believe my baby needs time to herself.
However, I hold her way more than she is alone because I believe she deserves lots of attention. I also love holding her :)
I believe that moms who have more milk than they need should give to those who don't have enough.
I believe that no matter what I believe, you will have your own beliefs and I will probably not change your mind.

I'm not trying to force my beliefs on anyone. They are mine and mine alone. 



It's been a while now since I have written about something other than Abby. This is something I have kind of needed to write about for a while, but I have never thought to.

Friends. Or... "friends". My husband and I have been struggling to figure out if we really have any friends lately or if they are all just "friends". Personally, the friends I need here are the ones that like to get together and/or at least talk on a regular basis even if just through text or facebook. I have a lot of friends that don't live around me and I talk to them often. What I don't really have are friends that live near by and hang out often. I used to, but life happened I guess. I am always capable of hanging out and talking to people. I do my best to keep into contact with my friends even though I am a new mommy and life can get really hectic.

You know what I have a lot of? "Friends". And I have recently been weaning myself off of them.

I have a friend who used to text me all the time and we used to make it a point to hang out at least once a week but now I'm lucky to get a reply to the many many texts I send first. I'm lucky to hang out with this friend once a month. It literally breaks my heart. All of the people I was friends with before Abby was born have dwindled down to 2. At least those 2 have stuck around.

I know I seem like I am just whining but what gives?! Why has everyone else changed when the only thing that has changed about me is now I have a baby? I can still do everything I did before. It just isn't fair.