Negativity and Rambling...

So, I went to militaryblogs.org to check out blogs and see how mine was doing and I had a comment on my listing that said "I'm not a big fan of this blog. So much negativity and rambling". Well EXCUSE the hell out of me for using my blog to get out some pent up aggression.

Just so we are clear, a blog is an online journal where you go to write out your feelings and if you so choose to, share it with the world. That's pretty much what this blog is about and if you dont like it:

There's the hypothetical door. Don't let it hit you on your pmsing behind when it closes.

Some day (such as today), I think about just changing my blog to The musings of a bitchy housewife. Then people would know what they were getting themselves into when they started following.

I suppose I am too negative because of the TTC process. You know what? It's been absolute hell so before you go saying things like that, be sure you know how hard of a time a person is having.

Just... So not cool. That is all. (hope that wasn't too much negativity and rambling!)



So, we bought a house! We also bought a new bed, sectional, coffee table/end table set, dining room table and an accent chair! We also got an alarm system installed! Yeah, we went a little crazy but we have never had new, nice things. Our house is just perfect for us and we couldn't be happier!

Ryan has officially started instructing on his own and so far it's been great for him/us. His birthday is coming up and his mom is going to be here visiting for 8 days starting the 1st THEN my parents and a couple of nieces are going to come on the 10th and stay for a few days! It's gonna be a very busy month. THEN my birthday is in September and we are going to North Carolina for that.

Have I mentioned yet that we got another dog? Her name is Sandy Beach and she is part retriever part Shepard and she is super sweet. She is also a hand full. When we got her she was only 10 weeks old. Now she is 13 weeks! She is a rescue. We went into PetSmart to buy Mocha some dog food and they were having adoptions. We wanted all of them but once Sandy put her paws on me, I knew she was the one for us!

Here's a picture of her:

 And here's a picture of our almost 1 year old Mocha Frappuchino. She's growing up too fast :(
 Lastly, a picture just to make you say AWWWWWWWW:
That's everything in a nut shell right now!