What you may find here...

As I carry on life as a mommy and Navy wife with a deployed spouse, I'm also working on being healthy and fit. So, one of the things I intend to write about here will be that journey! I'll be posting pictures, checking in weekly to hold myself accountable, while also writing about life as a Navy family and the craziness that comes with it. That being said, I'll be posting my "before" photos soon!



Well, I recently decided to not give up on this blog and I notice I still have plenty of people following me (probably mostly due to them not noticing my absence, lol). So, here I am! Updates on my life include: Abriella turned 3 in May, Evelyn turned 1 in December which means she's closer to 2 than she is 1 now :( Ryan deployed a short while ago. Were somewhere around 2 months in. I had totally forgotten how nice it felt to write a blog whether I have people reading or not. I miss him. Our girls miss him. He misses us and life out there has been harder on him this time around. He has only been on one port visit so far and he didn't even get to really get off the ship. They were only there for one day. On the bright side, he is able to call me more often this time and that has made things much better on us.

This post isn't a long one, just enough to give a little update until tomorrow, maybe! I hope everyone is doing well and maybe some of you still write! Please comment to let me know if you do!