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Inspiration through tears

I swear, every time I watch any sort of homecoming video I get more and more emotional and inspired. Emotional because I know some day that will be me. Inspired because I want to be able to witness that for myself. Inspired to be everything he needs me to be, no matter what it does to my heart. In the end, he WILL be back and I won't be alone anymore.

It's really hard to not be selfish at a time like deployment. Deployment basically momentarily steals your sanity. Deployment is not for those with weak minds or weak hearts. You have to be one heck of a strong person to deal with a deployment, FAITHFULLY. Any "girl" can deal with her man being gone if she cheats on him, but it takes a special kind of WOMAN to wait, to REALLY wait. I WILL be that woman. I refuse to be anything less.

I have been a pretty big wreck the past couple of days and I know it's because Ryans homecoming is so close that the wait is driving my impatient butt up a wall. Now that it is so insanely close, I can hardly stand to wait any longer.

How do you deal with the last few days?

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