Blah, blah, blah

I feel like I don't have the right to complain or miss him when he's on duty now that he's home but it's just not normal yet. Every time he leaves an alarm goes off in my head like he's deploying again. I miss him terribly when he's gone, even if it's just for a day.

Things have settled pretty well though they aren't quite 100% yet. The first few days he was home I felt anxiety because he was all up in my space changing things and leaving the toilet seat up and leaving the shower curtain open. On top of that I had become so used to being alone unless I made plans with a girl friend and I no longer was. This strange man came back from deployment and as happy as I was to have him home, it took some getting used to.

I am pretty used to him being home although his schedule is massively insane. Duty day, half day, off day. At least until POM leave is over with. This past week the ship has been doing ammo offload and that is in a city about an hour away so he doesn't really drive there. He only drove there once and even then he didn't get home until 7. He had duty on Monday, was home 6ish Tuesday, 7 last night and lord only knows when I will be picking him u from base tomorrow. Then we get to drive our happy butts back to the base they are doing to offload at to take someone to their car there. THEN and only then do we get to come back home and relax before bed. Duty, duty, duty. I loathe you.

Everything else has been going pretty great. 2 things I absolutely love about having him home? Sleeping next to him, talking eachother to sleep (or keeping eachother awake haha) and the car rides either talking during them or blasting music and singing along. If there is one thing we can do and do quite well, it's talk. Anyone that knows us knows that. We ROCK at talking and I love that about us. It's just that that keeps us from fighting and I wouldn't have it any other way.

The wedding planning is driving me nuts. So nuts that if we weren't already married I would talk him into eloping. The 2 things that are driving me most up the wall are my girls getting their dresses and the invitations. Though we only have 10 invitations left to fill out, give or take a few, but the ones we DID have were a pain in the rear. I hate to love planning our wedding. The end.