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Things that make me shake my head

1. People that follow and comment on blogs that literally SUCK. For example: Grammatical errors, sentences that run together, typing like you are in elementary school. You know the kind. I can't handle it.

2. Entertainers that lip sync. I get that they have to do a lot of dancing and stuff but what about the ones that dance and all that and DON'T lip sync? (brought on by Madonnas performance last night at the superbowl)

3. The fact that I have 185 followers and only a hand full comment on a regular basis.

4. People that refuse to update their status on facebook unless it is about their kids (Sam pooped THREE times today. He's a stinker!), people that are constantly posting status updates as though Eeyore some how got into their soul and took over (Looks like it's gonna rain... Sigh) and people that post updates like "Just got done eating lunch!" and "I just peed" or "I'm watching tv".

5. People that are with a really great person and don't see it. In 2 days 2 of my very good friends were basically given Dear John emails/texts and it makes me SO mad that these 2 people, highly deserving of great things because of the people they are, now have to go through pain so intense that it even made me cry. Shame on the people that are hurting them. Karma is a... You know.

6. People with holier then thou attitudes. Nuff said.

7. People that are so set in their ways that they refuse to be changed at all. Okay, I get that you are going to be who you are and that is WONDERFUL, BUT, when who you are is hurting everyone and every little thing  surrounding you, something has got to give.

8. Not being able to fall asleep at a reasonable time when I have to get up early the next morning.

9. The fact that everyone on my husbands ship except for those on duty got today off but my husband had to go in for a few hours anyway because they had to take care of something today.

10. The fact that I could only think of 10 things to write in this blog because I am still so tired from only getting about 4 hours of sleep night before last and around 7 last night. 8 is what I need to feel normal and 10 is even better. No lie, my body doesn't wake me up until I have gotten 9-10 hours of sleep. If it weren't for the alarm clock I would sleep all day, every day.


Carmen said...

I hate it too when people don't comment on my blog. It's really annoying because (except for lately) I take so much time reading EVERYONE'S blogs and commenting on EVERYONE'S too. So on my new blog I just picked the blogs that are my favorite and will only comment on those. People who comment on my blog will get comments in return. Plain and simple.

Brittany Sommer said...

Amen! I need to make sure I followed your new blog!

SJ said...

You hit the nisl on the head!

April's Flowers said...

I love your #6 lol I hear you on that one...

Amber Marie said...

I can never fall asleep if I have to be up early. NEVER.

Whitney @ Everything Happens For a Reason said...

I'm a new follower. We follow each other on twitter. The whiole follower/comment thing makes me upset sometimes too. I got a certain number of comments with I had 200 followers. Now that I have 450, I basically get the same. WTF?! I give up at times.

sammycx said...

great post! lip syncing annoys me so bad!

Sailor's Valentine said...

I completely agree! To all of it! I hate hate hate when the Sailor has to go in to take care of work on a day off. Why can't people do their jobs?