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For Valentines Day

I decided to write a mushy, gushy post about Ryan so here it is!

The moment I laid eyes on him, I wanted to know him. The fact that he wouldn't talk to me made me want to know him even more. Once I did know him, I never wanted to let him go. He was one of the best friends I ever had.

When Ryan was on his way to Indiana to visit family for Christmas the thought of him and I was running through my mind constantly. He called and talked to me for most of the 14 hour drive, no joke. At this point in our life, Ryan had already professed his love for me while one bottle deep into Jack Daniels but I was trying to not think about that. After all, he was smammered.
Ryan came to visit me the day after he got to Indiana. As soon as I saw him I wanted to run into his arms and hugs him (It had been almost a year since I last saw him) but I was a bundle of nerves so I didn't. He walked up to me and was like "Give me a hug!" so we hugged and at that point, I don't even know what happened, but sparks flew for me. We went out and hung with some of my friends and I decided I just HAD TO kiss him when we were in McDonalds drive thru. He kissed back, of course.

While he was in Indiana, nothing further happened but I know what was going through both of our minds. Can't even deny that we both had been thinking about the other before we left to come back to Virginia (as friends).

The day after Christmas, we headed to VA. It had been a long, awkward drive and finally Ryan manned up, pulled into that rest stop and asked me to be his one and only. I felt like a high school girl with her first love. It was unreal to me. I think it took a while to sink in, honestly. We held hands for the majority of the rest of the trip and while I was driving (singing and dancing) Ryan was watching me and smiling (didn't have a clue til he told me). We finally got to Virginia Beach and passed out.

The rest of this story tells itself though I don't really remember if I told any of you how badly I wanted to tell Ryan I loved him 2 weeks into our relationship. I knew then what I know now, that I want to spend the rest of my life with this wonderful man.

I love him so much! He is my whole world. He is the reason the sun rises and sets. He is the reason the Earth spins. He is the reason I make it through each and every single day.

I don't believe I ever shared all of these pictures with you guys, so here they are! Our engagement and OFFICIAL wedding photos <3


Samantha said...

So cute. You guys are adorable! David and I didn't have quite the story. Mainly just interest, followed by tension, followed by me making the first move. Seems like we girls are always doing the grunt work :P

Cheyla Marie said...

So sweet!

Sailor's Valentine said...

I love it!

Sue said...

I love your wedding pics, they are so sweet!