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Next week I will be posting a number of guest posts! I am soo happy I got such a great response from some of my readers. If you are interested, feel free to join in the fun by emailing me at

Yesterday hubs and I had a nice night in. He made us a yummy steak dinner with sweet corn and mashed potatoes and we had carrot cake for desert. We also finally watched The Help which was a really good movie. I'd recommend it to anyone! It sucked that he was at work so late, but I was happy to have him by my side. We didn't get to spend Valentines Day with each other last year and it really sucked even though he came home from deployment the very next day. That last sentence brings me to a rant. There is a Sailor on hubs ship who just got there a month and a half ish ago and he had the nerve to try to get off early yesterday. That really grinded my gears. What makes him think he is so special that he could get a half day above all the other Sailors with significant others that, mind you, didn't get to spend Valentines Day with their significant others last year? Not to mention, he is NEW and this isn't even the first time he has tried to get out of work early for something ridiculous. He tried to get out of work early one day because his wife had a dentist appointment. Yes, they have 2 kids BUT, if she can't handle taking them with her or finding a sitter, that's just too bad. That is just one of the other times, out of who knows how many, he has tried to get out of work early.

Maybe I am just mad because Ryan gets screwed so often. Most everyone else gets off that ship around 3 or 4 but Ryan gets stuck there until 5 most days. The poor guy is exhausted. He comes home from work every day bearly able to keep his eyes open. It just isn't fair.

Is it the middle of March yet?
Le sigh.

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