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Nail Files: Cinderella frenzy!

The Nail Files

I adore this color so much that I had to buy the last 2 my Walgreens had. I haven't found it anywhere else.

Please ignore my super ugly cuticles. I have a bad habit of picking them that I am working on stopping lol.
Sinful Colors Cinderella (the blue) has a shimmery pink/gold sparkle to it too. Not sure you can tell that in this photo though. I have Sinful Colors Frenzy on my accent nail (2 coats). I personally think Frenzy looks gorgeous over Cinderella. By the way, I painted my nails with this 2 days ago. This is kind of a record for me lol. I normally change my polish once every other day but I am working on day 3 now!That's how much I love this color :)

The best part about Sinful Colors is that they are only $1.99 a bottle and Walgreens often has sales on them making them .99 a bottle! I usually always get a few at a time!


Kimberlee Van Der Wall said...

hehe I change my nails at least once a week :) Although nail polish remover is terrible for your nails so it's good to take a break one week to just wear a base coat.

Whitney @ Everything Happens For a Reason said...

Love the colors!

tara said...

so pretty! i love the blue!

Laura said...

very pretty color!

Allie said...

Cuuute!!! I love pastel colored nail polish and I've been looking for a blue kinda similar to that but haven't been able to find one! I never think to shop at walgreens but I always hear they have the best deals!

Sarah E. said...

I saw the Cinderella earlier last week and I think it's such a pretty color!