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Nail Files link-up

Well, I got paid today so I decided to buy a couple new nail polishes. I decided to use both of them for my link up today! I love them!

The grey color is: My Empire, My Rules (The Kardashian line for Nicole for O-P-I)
The pink glitter is: Wear Something Spar-Kylie (Same as above)

I am loving the grey that is trending. Not to mention the pale colors! I need a whole new line of nail polish now lol.

Please don't mind my short nails. They all were breaking this week so I cut them. It made me a sad panda!


jennie said...

All sparkles. I fully support it!

Nellie said...


tara said...

very pretty! love how sparkly they are! :)

Leash said...

Kardashians have a nail line!?!?! I want!