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Color Swatches: Wet N Wild Megalast

I am *kind of* in love with the new formula for Wet N Wilds Megalast polish. They were having a buy 2 get 1 free sale at my Walgreens the other day so I got 3 and grabbed another one today (sale was over, boo). I am a big fan of not having to put more then 2 coats on and that is EXACTLY how these work so I am very pleasantly surprised.

Here are the colors I got:
I really love them all but I like the right 2 the most!
I decided to add Essie shine of the times to the swatches to show you guys how versatile it is:

(I believe it looks prettiest on these 2 and that is probably the reason they are my fave out of the 4.)

There you have it! At $1.99 a bottle I think they are a total steal!


Laura Darling said...

Oooh I haven't seen this nail polish in the store yet! I will have to look for it! I do love Wet 'n Wild!

Samantha said...

You are a polish FIEND!