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Guest blog: Hello, Also I Love You

 This week Sue from Hello, Also I Love You is guest posting. Isn't she totally adorable? I love her blog and hope, if you don't already follow her, that you will now!

 I asked these 5 questions:

1) I came to visit and we went out for a night on the town. Where did we go and why?
2) Coffee, tea or neither? Why?
3) What made you start blogging and is that still the reason you blog today?
4) What does your blog focus on?
5) Using the title of a movie, describe your life!

Here are her answers:
1. We'd start with dinner at Yoshino's. It's my favorite place to eat (possibly in the world but definitely in Japan). They cook your food right in front of you so it's dinner and a show. It helps that the food melts in your mouth and leaves you completely satisfied. Then we'd go to either the Karaoke bar they have here which is huge and so much fun or we'd visit a little hole-in-the-wall bar that has pool, old-school Nintendo games and 90's rock music playing all the time. It's a toss up, really.
2. Can I pick both? Coffee is my vice (only the fancy, flavored kind) but I love iced tea on a hot summer's day.
3. I started blogging (5 years ago) because I love to write. I wanted a journal about my life in a fun & unique way. Back then not a lot of people were blogging yet! I've always loved it though and I still think of it as a journal of my life that I happen to let complete strangers read.
4. My blog is all about me. That seems pretty obvious but it's the truth. I talk about everything in my life; my husband, my puppy, my family, my friends, my trials, my triumphs, and everything silly in between. 
5. I asked my husband this question and his immediate answer was "Hellboy"- I laughed too hard. For me, I would say "Just Go With It"- My life is nothing like that movie, but the title fits. So far nothing in my life has gone as planned (when I was about 10 I knew exactly what I wanted) and I've learned to just go with it. It certainly makes life more enjoyable and easier to deal with!

I'm Sue and I blog @ Hello. Also, I love you. The title of my blog is in complete reference to my husband Aaron. When he was just my fiance we lived in different countries (he's in the Air Force) and our relationship was through phone/skype/mail. Every time he called the first thing we said was "hello" followed closely by "I love you" and the words just stuck. Now we live in the beautiful country of Japan and try to avoid talking on the phone, but we still say I love you every day. Our life is never perfect (at this moment it's 1:15 in the morning and my husband is stuck at work... on a Saturday) but I always try to find the good in bad situations (like I finally have time to catch up on blogging at 1:15 in the morning!). I'm mildly obsessed with Pinterest so you should definitely come visit me there. I love to spend my days crafting, blogging, pinning, writing, and taking care of our adorable puppy we call Twink. I've turned into one of those annoying people that's in love with their dog and if I think about it too much I get annoyed with my self. I can't help it! He's so dang cute. Every friend I've ever had over to my house has told me they're kidnapping him. So far he still remains in my custody. 

Since Brittany said I get to talk about anything I want I'm going to tell you the thing that drives me crazy about Japan. They do not label their streets. It's considered unlucky. You think it's hard navigating a foreign country that has twisty roads, symbols instead of words, and a strange language? Add in no street names and it becomes nearly impossible! We have to rely completely on landmarks to find anything and it can get frustrating. Giving people directions to my house goes something like this: "Go past the bunka house, turn at the windmill, go over some train tracks, take your 5th left..." (no, those aren't the *actual* directions to my house... I'm not stupid) but you get the idea. Aaron and I have learned that when we want to go somewhere new we have to do it with the "hopefully we'll find it" attitude because we may or may not make it to our destination. Sometimes this can be really fun though. We've found some pretty great Japanese temples and prayer gardens this way but I couldn't tell you how to get back to them (luckily I always have a camera). So some advice to you all if you're ever visiting Japan: get directions from someone who knows!


Thanks for joining us today, Sue!


Anonymous said...

I know the long distance was and is hard! You both are too precious!

Brittany said...

hi brittany!
My name is brittany too and am a new follower! Found your blog from Hello. Also, i love you! Love sue, what a good guest post!

A Sailor's Anchor said...

Hey Sailor's Princess! I've been reading you for awhile now, but I am finally starting my own blog. Hope you hop on over.