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I am feeling insanely helpless lately. Two of my friends are experiencing horrible pain and it completely breaks my heart. One struggling to make her marriage work, the other struggling to deal with being without her husband for 8 months. I wish there was anything I could do to make all the pain go away. I just want to hug both of them, let them cry and tell them everything they need to hear. My song this week goes out to both of them:


Samantha said...

Sometimes being a good friend just means that you're an excellent listener. I'm sure both of your friends appreciate and love you for it. Don't take on the guilt, it will only hurt your ability to be supportive! <3

Becky said...

I hope things will improve for both of your friends soon, and that being there for them won't bring you down too much.

A song that has gotten me through a lot of tough times is "Heal Over" by KT Tunstall.