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Guest blog: Elisha

In the series of guest blogs I am hosting, I asked 5 questions and had the authors write a little about themselves! The first of many is:
Her blog is quirky and fun and I enjoy reading her posts so go follow her!

My questions:
1) I came to visit and we went out for a night on the town. Where did we go and why?
2) Coffee, tea or neither? Why?
3) What made you start blogging and is that still the reason you blog today?
4) What does your blog focus on?
5) Using the title of a movie, describe your life!

Her answers:
1) Girlll, we'd get some Mexican!! (: Why? Because I haven't had some in awhile, and Mexican is the best food in the world. {duhh}
2) NEITHER. I am veryy picky!! With foods, and drinks! :P
3) Because I had had previous blogs, and I loved doing them. But they were just a mess.. so I started over. a fresh start.. :) and I blog today because well.. I like it. (: 
4) Hmm thats kind of hard.. I'd LIKE to say it's to show everyone my photography, and to learn more about other bloggers!? <3
5) ohhhh.. :P hm. The Frog Princess. ;) lol. Me and my bestfriend{whom I talk a lot about on my blog} have a sort of weird obsession with them!! :P <3

Hey everyone!! I'm Elisha, from over at "The {Official} Blog of Elisha!" :) I absolutely LOVE Brittany's blog!! Dont you? So when she was asking for guest posters, I asked if I could!! :) She said yes, and here I am. 
On my blog, I talk a lot about the following : my bestfriend, macaroni & cheese, brownies, pink, my photography, my life, and what I'm thankful for. I hope you'll check me out!! And maybe.. even follow me?? (: <3

Thank you for your guest post, Elisha!

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Elisha(: said...

thanks brittany!!!<3