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Number 4

It's a significant number for us. This is my forth period since we started TTC again. I have to wonder if my hormones are still jacked up at this point. I started my last period a couple hours before midnight on the 31st and ended it on the 5th so basically I have started and will be ending 2 periods in one month. That is just a tiny bit rediculous to me. When does it get normal again? When will I get pregnant again? When will I be happy again? These are just a few of the questions I can't help but ask myself when I start my period. I just feel so emotionally drained...

Oh the bright side of things, I got a babysitting job today and that makes me feel pretty good. I will have a steady income coming in so we will have a little more extra money every month. Hubster is on his last underway EVER right now and I like that about life too. Honestly? The only thing rough about my life right now is the TTC and how hard it seems to be to get pregnant now. If anyone read my blog before, they know already that we only tried for like a month and a half and BAM I was pregnant, just. like. that. Sometimes I wonder if I will ever get pregnant again. I might sound like a drama queen since it's only been 4 months since we started TTC again, but it's just hard to think I will ever be able to have a baby now. I guess time will tell.


Samantha said...

I'm so excited for you guys. It'll be nice to have Ryan home all the time, I'm sure. No more worrying if he'll get hurt, or if he'll come back at all. Maybe that's what God was waiting for.

Sailor's Valentine said...

Hi! I tagged you in a blog post :)