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Guess what?!

I am totally stoked right now! A few days ago I talked to my husband about guest blogging for me and he has started his draft! The post will be all about his life in the Navy and what it has led him to so it's sure to be a good read.

We got new laptops and I am really excited about that because I have been wanting one for a long time (to call my own at least). Ours was on the edge of crapping out and we decided to just go for it when we were on our way home from North Carolina last night. Yeah, we are crazy impulse buyers (sort of). When we got our tablets it was impulsive as well. We decided to get them, then when Ryan got off work, we went and got them lol.

The trip to North Carolina was a blast, as usual. It was our friends birthday so we all went out to dinner then to a local bar that always promises a good time filled with karaoke and pool, with the occasional darts mixed in and LOTS of talking/dancing!

Now, here we are, back at home, sitting in bed, typing blogs up on our laptops.

I really can't explain how exciting it is to me that Ryan is going to guest post. I have yet to have a guest blogger and I can't think of anyone more fitting then my other half to be the very first! Stay tuned, that blog will be up before this week is over!


*~BrittDill~* said...

So exciting!!! My first guest blogger was a friend from back home, and now I have one planned for homecoming week. ;) Can't wait to read what he has to say!

Nauricia "Reesy" George said...

Cant wait to read it!