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It's that time again! 18+ only!

Here I am blogging for EdenFantasys again! The past couple of times I ordered from them, I didn't get any sex toys because I haven't needed any. Still don't, though I did have a scare a few days ago when I couldn't find my little bff. Anyway, I have been ordering from their beauty and body line. As I said in my last post, the kissaholic lip gloss has been amazing!

This last time I ordered from them I got a few outfits to spice up the bedroom and let me say, they really have. I have enjoyed being Nurse Brittany that doesn't care if Mr Dawson is married ;), the naughty maid (who makes the bed only to unmake it hehe) and the school girl who has been VERY bad and deserves a spanking.

Now, my mister has liked my dressing in bedroom attire previously but I never dressed in a costume so to say and played a different role. I must admit, it's fun. And even though you are pretending to not be you, and maybe your husband is pretending it isn't you, the truth is, under those clothes and that fake persona it is you. No need to feel like your husband wants to be with someone else because YOU are the one he is attracted to underneath it all!

I honestly don't know what I will order from them the next but I have a feeling it might be another costume or 2!

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