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Guest blog: My husbands Navy story

First and foremost, I am Ryan, Brittany’s husband.  I was born in Indiana, lived in Hammond until I was ten, and lived in Hobart until I was 20.  Just after my 20th birthday, I joined the Navy, September 14, 2005 (which oddly enough is Brittany's birthday).  It’s been six years, just a little bit over.  During that six years is when I met Brittany, and that was the best thing to happen to me in all these years
    The first few years of the Navy were kind of blah. I went through boot camp, then “A” School, which is where I met my best friend (still).  After that is when I went to “C” School to learn the basics of CIWS (Close In Weapon System), here’s a link that pretty much describes it. ( I know that it’s Wikipedia, but the information is not wrong. There are other sites that have information and videos if you want to know all about it. It’s basically the last line of defense, with a six barrel Gatling gun to take down missiles.  Anyway, after “C” School was the ship. I’ve been on there since January 2007, five years ago, and I’m finally about to leave that beast.
    I’ve been on three deployments on the ship, though I was told I would be lucky to go on two. Well, I was told wrong.  The first deployment was not bad. We stopped in a lot of countries in Europe (France, Greece, Italy, Turkey, etc) and a few others (Egypt, Israel, Jordan, and Djibouti).  I did have a lot of fun, and I met someone who would lead me to Brittany in the end. Once we returned from said deployment, I moved in with that guy. I got a room for a fairly good price, and I wasn’t getting money for housing at the time.  He brought Brittany to Virginia in 2008 and that’s when we met, but that wasn’t when we hooked up.
     I left for my second deployment in early 2009; we went to a lot of the same countries as the first one.  That deployment was basically 8 months, which was bad and good at the same time. I saved some money due to situations.  Our ship ended up escorting a submarine that had collided with another vessel, we had to escort them half across the ocean, turn around, and finish our deployment. We were suppose to go to Liverpool, England, but due to that, we missed out.  After that deployment, actually the night I got back, I got drunk and confessed my love to Brittany.
Five months later, around Christmas time, I got a new car, and Brittany and I started dating on our way to Virginia where she was going to live with me anyway.  A few months later, I went on a month and a half underway.  When I came back is when everything changed. We had a little scare with certain protection, and it got me thinking, ‘Would I really want to spend the rest of my life with this woman?’  Well, of course, the answer was yes.  I proposed to her on the beach, which she left me hanging for what seemed like forever. But she said yes!  We ended up getting married July 30th, 2010 and we are still going.

August 2010 is when I left for my third deployment, this one was different though. Many reasons, this was our first deployment together.  This deployment was also all about anti-piracy, so we spend a lot of time hanging around Oman, which is a very poor country, at least it’s people are. There was a lot of sand, which was pretty much it. Most of the people were very nice, even if we couldn’t understand each other’s language. I reenlisted for 4 years, which 3 of them will be on shore duty.  I’m going to go to school and then get out of the Navy when my time is up.  

I returned from my deployment, and we had our big wedding back home. That was insane the day of, but everything worked out.  We ended up getting pregnant; however, we lost the baby a short time after that. Now we are trying again and hoping that this is the month.  We moved out of our old place and into this house, and we’re getting our life together, together.

As much fun as the Navy has been, it’s had it’s downsides as well.  If it wasn’t for the Navy, I wouldn’t have met the person I’m going to spend the rest of my life with. However, I’m over it. I’m going to school, getting a degree, and getting out.  (Not necessarily in that order).  I don’t want to do this ship thing anymore, I’m good at it, but I can’t handle the selfish people anymore. When one drops, another one pops up, it’s sickening. I was burned by that, and it’s left a sour taste in me about this life.  But, like I said, I don’t regret it, I wouldn’t have met Brittany.

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