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This past week, Ryan was home on leave. I seriously thought he was going to drive me up a wall but he really didn't. It was quite the opposite actually. We enjoyed spending every moment of every day together. It is a cherished thing, that time, since we don't get it often.

Ryan was incredibly sweet while he was home. One day he even gave me the greatest complement. He said: You never wear make up and you're always pretty! Seriously, without make up, all the time!" and he seemed surprised that anyone could be pretty all the time without make up. It was such a great complement to me and it gave me warm fuzzies :) I just think he is soo sweet.

Something as simple as me finding out I was wearing a size too small in bras was something serious enough to him for him to tell me to get 3 new bras and even helped me pick them out. I know it might not sound like anything amazing, but to me it was. He said "I want my wife to be comfortable" and, well, I now am lol.

We have had an awesome start to the new year so far, except for having to drop almost a grand into my car because the heater core is totally jacked. But seriously? The car is worth it and my husband agrees. Other then that, I have been blessed and have lost 6 pounds so far with 30 more to go but I am well on my way!

I was going to blog about something totally different today, but I am just too happy with life to go back to deployment and something that bothered me so much today. To the reader who asked me to touch base on that subject, I promise it will be in my next blog!

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