Warning: Extreme Adult content! 18+ only!

I have decided to post for EdenFantasys again. I hope to get something cute to wear in the bedroom so if you are about to be offended, don't read this blog. If you are interested in awesome stuff (and awesome sex toys, read on!

EdenFantasys has some seriously amazing stuff. I fell in love with them a few months ago and have a few things from them that I adore. One of which scares me so I don't use it too often (mucho grande!!!) hahaha.

So, I am very interested in a few items to spice up the bedroom.
1: this sex toy. What could possibly be more fun then having your husband be in charge of the amount of intensity you are getting? Could get annoying knowing my husband but I think I could handle it ;) So that would be the only toy I am interested in right now. We got the rest covered.

2: this babydoll. Okay so how cute and sexy is this at the same time? I would just love to surprise my husband with this when he gets out of the shower one night! It's really flirty and says "take me now!" at the same time! I want it.

3: this shirt. I hadn't even realized that EdenFantasys sold shirts. Guess I was too busy in other sections ;) Anyway, it's really cute and the cake topper is, it comes with the belt! I even love the color!

And last but not least: this lace panel gown. Not only is it sexy, but it also looks crazy comfy! I have been wanting a gown for a long time but have never gotten one. I have a feeling my husband would appreciate me owning this as much as I would lol.

The last time I blogged about EdenFantasys I had a couple people quit following me and even disliked my blog post. I do understand that some people don't want to read about this but THAT is why I warn you guys. Please keep in mind that I don't do this often and be understanding that all I'm looking to do is help the people that DO enjoy stuff like this.

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Samantha said...

You should never worry about what your readers will think. In fact, if they care anything about you, they will appreciate that you are a married woman with needs like any other woman. Plus, you don't have the luxury of having your hubby around all the time. You deserve it! It's so much better than the alternative (finding someone else to keep you occupied). I think it's great when a couple can enjoy their relationship and incorporate new things to keep the passion alive.

Good for you :)