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It has come that time again for me to blog about the wonderful EdenFantasys again and I am rather excited to share my review on their kissaholic aphrodisiac infused plumping lip gloss! As you may know from my last post for EdenFantasys, they sell more then just sex toys. The best part? I got one of my best friends the lip gloss as well and she loves it too!

To be completely honest, I don't notice a big difference in my lip size when I use it which was kind of a downer for me but trust when I say, it's my new favorite lip gloss! It's not too thick and it lasts longer then most lip glosses I have used in the past! Oh, and, it tastes yummy too, lol. I personally have the peppermint and the pear. I got my friend the pomegranite vanilla and they are all lightly tinted and just lovely. They don't make you look like your lips are so shiny that someone could use them as a mirror and I appreciate that.

My second favorite thing about EdenFantasys is how fast their shipping is, even during this holiday season. I ordered 2 of the lip glosses on Wednesday of last week and got them on Friday! I was absolutely stunned as I really thought I was going to have to give my friend hers (a Christmas present) the day after Christmas. You never fail me, EdenFantasys!

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