Right now...

(Stolen from Goodnight Moon)
i am....

watching: The computer screen and American Pickers.

eating: Nothing yet but I am definately about to make some spinache and parmesian noodles yummmmm.

drinking: Nothing yet. I will be having Diet Cherry Pepsi with lunch.

wearing: A navy blue tank top, black pj pants and my Hello Kitty boot slippers =)

avoiding: Cleaning the mess Ryan and I made while rearranging the hall closet.

feeling: Alright. Wishing my back didn't start hurting again just now though.

missing: Ryan and my family.

thankful: Ryan is only on duty and not on another underway. Also that I have amazing friends, an amazing family and a wonderful husband.

weather: 53 degrees and no rain which makes me super happy!

needing: To clean and for my back to stop hurting. Also, to eat lol.

thinking: That I can't wait to finish typing this so I can go make lunch hahahaha.

loving: That I got to spend the whole weekend with Ryan =)


Mrs. Squirrel said...

So stealing this!

*~BrittDill~* said...

He left a mess?! To the ship!!! lol I am going to have to do this tomorrow, it would be very uninteresting if I typed it now. Haha