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Deployment Day x: X weeks down already?

What just happened? It feels like he just left yesterday yet it has already been WEEKS. I can't say how many but just the fact that the word "week" is plural brings a crap ton of joy to my heart. Said heart has been mended with a band-aid for the time being and if everything goes right I will be able to talk to Ryan tomorrow. That's always the best thing ever while he's away.

Tomorrow I am going to mom and dad Dawsons for a couple of days. It'll be good for me. Being around his family and around more of his memories should bring some peace to my mind. I can't wait. Mom D and I will be swimming and waiting to talk to Ryan. We are stoked! Not sure what else is in store for the couple of days that I am there but it's sure to be a good time.

I think I have officially decided to try the trip home to Virginia all by myself. If I wait, I will miss my friends wedding and a birthday bash for my friend Jesse and me and it's also a getting out of the Navy party for our other friend. So I think I will head out of Indiana next Friday around 6 or 7 am (kill me now lol). Anyone that knows me knows that I suck really badly at getting up early on my own so I'm gonna have to rely on daddy to make sure I am up when he gets up.

Lastly I want to say, this PS speaks volumes to me.
As a Navy wife going through a deployment I am wounded and I will have a scar come next year.
That scar will tell a story.
That I survived deployment.


Tia said...

glad to see you will be coming home in time. too bad we couldn't have a few girl days before that tho. say hi to momma Dawson for me!

Anonymous said...

You know you cansay how long he's been gone. You can count the days he's been gone, just not the days until he get's back. When a ship leaves or a command leaves, it becomes public knowledge... it won't get you in trouble with OPSEC, just the countdowns to homecomings do.

Drive careful on your way to VA! We drove from Hampton Roads to South Bend and it's a long drive to make, especially I would imagine, on your own.

It's Something Beautiful said...

I love spending time with my Marines parents. It's helped a lot while he's been gone. For some reason when I spend time with them, I feel as though I'm spending time with him. I hope that you get that same comfort - its been a blessing to me!

My fingers are crossed that you'll be able to talk to Ryan tomorrow!