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Deployment Day x: A new realization

I came to the realization today, while in church mind you (I know, shame on me) that deployment doesn't sound near as long when you count it in weeks. For example, if he's gone for 6 months, that sounds absolutely dreadful does it not? How about saying, he's gone for 24 weeks? I decided I was going to count down the weeks rather then the days or months. I had told myself before that there was no way I was going to count down the days because that is horrible when it comes to your loved one being gone for so long but if you count weeks, it seems so much shorter! I don't have 24 weeks :) At least not anymore! I wish I could say exactly how much time has gone by because I am rather excited that much time has came and went already. It didn't sound like much to me when I counted it in months but when I realized what an idiot I was being and figured out the weeks instead of months, it gave me hope that this isn't going to be quite as hard as I was letting it be.

Being here with my family has brought a lot of joy to my soul. We are extremely close and I just feel the love. I just hope I don't go back to Virginia with a heavy heart. I wan't my new found peace, hope and faith to tag along with me. Deployment is only as hard as you make it on yourself and I REFUSE for my sake and for my husbands sake to make this any harder then it needs to be. I guess it doesn't need to be hard at all but it's going to have it's moments that are hard for sure so might as well just deal with it.

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Delainey said...

That is exactly what I did! It sure does make time go by faster. Be sure to celebrate every week!