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Deployment Day x: Labor [Day] pains

Today Ryan left the last port they are going to be in the safer area of the big D. Now it's on to the scary part. The part where I worry about him more. The place he is going. It makes me sick. Mentally and physically. I know I need to quit worrying about this stuff. I know he is more likely to get killed or injured in a car accident on the way to work, but that doesn't change the fact that he's out there in that big scary ocean, going into "those" waters.It's not going to make me worry any less about him.

Another thing I got going on is, I am SICK TO DEATH of hearing people complain about such petty things to ME. Why are you whining about something so easily fixed to me when you KNOW I have far worse problems right now? You whine that your husband doesn't pay enough attention to you when at least your husband is HERE. There have been plenty of other examples since I got to Indiana and none of them involve any Navy wives or anything so please don't think I am talking about you ladies. We are in the same boat here, no pun intended lol.

Other then that, I have just been missing my Sailor man. I really wanted to get that phone call from him today but it just didn't happen and I am dealing with it. He did send me 2 emails today so at least I got that. I can complain, I'm just trying real hard not to.

I hope everyone has a safe and great Labor Day!


Anonymous said...

Deployments are rough. I didn't hear from Mike until he was gone for a month. I'm sure your hubby will be just fine and he will call when he has the chance. Just remember that he did email you twice!

Yes, I hated being complained to as well. It's annoying. Don't complain about how it's been 3 days since you've seen your boyfriend when I haven't seen mine for 5 months. Those people need to get over themselves but just remember you've got us on here that understand! =)

Navywife102409 said...

My hubby came back from there last month and while I was worried also, I just want you to know that it wasn't as bad as my imagination (as I am sure yours is as well) was making it out to be. Hang in there! You are doing great and if I can help in any way, let me know!