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Deployment Day x: You know it's funny?

I introduced Ryan to the world of blogging and now he blogs more then me! Well at least since he deployed. I like it :) I love reading his blogs. It gives me a small step into the mind that I can't be in while he's not here. It helps.

Today, let me say, was a GREAT DAY. For the first time since Ryan left, I have yet to feel sad, depressed or anything other then happy. I got... MY DREAM WEDDING DRESS!!! I'd love to post it here so everyone can see but Ryan reads my blog so I can't lol. Before anyone new asks, Ryan and I wanted to get married before he deployed so we had a small ceremony with the mayor of my hometown and a small party afterward. Don't get me wrong, it was beautiful. That was the day I gave my whole heart to the most amazing man on the planet and vice versa BUT I refuse to not have my big wedding. I have dreamed of a big wedding since I was a little girl. GOTTA HAVE IT. My dress was about 500 dollars more then my parents wanted to spend but I am going to help a little and on top of it all daddy couldn't seem to leave there without it today even though the wedding is in a little over 8 months. He got a Davids Bridal credit card just so I could have that dress and also put a gorgeous headband, the cloth bag for the dress and my jewelry on it. Geeze I sure do love my parents.

Now, I hope I don't come off wrong. I love Ryan and I miss him like crazy but I have been up NEAR cloud nine today. Cloud nine is reserved for Ryan so I'm not exactly there but I have been in such a good mood today. Mostly because I didn't give myself any time to sit around and mope. I know it will make Ryan happy knowing that I didn't have a terrible day today like some of these days have been. Having shared my lovely day with you all, I am off to bed. My sister and I are going to sing a song together in church tomorrow and I don't wanna be a hot mess lol.


♥ Elizabeth said...

We got married on Halloween, in our matching bumble bee costumes, by our chaplain, not knowing if we would be able to have our big wedding or not beofre we moved to California. We in fact were able to hav eour big wedding before we left.

I have found more military couples have two weddings than you would think. We are going to celebrate both.

I think it's great that you had a super day! You should be on cloud nine, because the dress is for Ryan, and even if cloud nine is reserved for him, today was about him and your life together :) How EXCITING!

It's Something Beautiful said...

I'm so glad that you found your dream dress! Can't wait to see it. I also like that your husband blogs. Mister was just thinking of starting one :) I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he will!

I hope your weekend is going great (sounds like it is, yay!).