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What's your song

I chose this song because it was the only one I could think of that says the words clumsy, falling, tripping, and words like that. That describes my early afternoon day before yesterday, totally.

It was a normal day. As usual I woke up around 8, took Mocha out, smoked my cigarette, came inside, fed Mocha, went to the bathroom then Val got here. A couple hours later, UPS rung the door bell so I got up and tried to jump over Vals car seat (I use it to block her from going into the other room). Much to my surprise, I failed... Epically. Rather, I tripped over her car seat after my foot got caught in it while I was mid air, I landed HARD on my left knee and smashed my right pinky toe/foot.

It take a LOT to get the water works going for me and I was bawling. I knew something more had happened then just a couple booboos especially since once I gathered myself and got up off the floor, I couldn't move my pinky toe and if I put pressure on it, I about screamed from the pain. I decided it would be a good idea to not walk with that side of my foot so for the rest of the day I walked with the inside of my right foot. Ryan got home from school around 2 and Valarie was picked up around 5:30. After Val left, we went to the er where they confirmed I had broken my poor little toe.

It's a serious bummer because, as some of you know already, Ryan and I started P90X a week and a half ago. I was excited and getting into the swing of it! Day 6 proved to me that it did, in fact, get easier in time. Yesterday, Ryan had to do it without me. For the next 6-8 weeks he will be doing it without me for the most part. I can't do the cardio, legs and back, and well, I probably can't do most of it. I am going to attempt to do arms and shoulders today so wish me luck!


Kristle said...

I love this song, and I hope that you get to feeling better soon!

Mrs.B said...

Love me some Fergie! OUCH! Hope you heal quickly!!