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Franken swatches!

Since I couldn't work out with Ryan last night, I decided to make some frankens!

This first one has been dubbed: Cuppy Cake (because that is what I call one of my best friends and she lovesssssss purple!)

This one has been dubbed: Jackie O My! because I am sending her to a friend named Jacqueline in a swap :) I had to name it after her!

This is Jackie O My! over Zoya Loredona.

This one is called: Birthday Girl because the glittery goodness reminds me of a birthday party and, well, it's pink!

Last but not least, I named this one Bride of Frankenstein because it is a purple base with green flakies and pink glitter!

Have you made any awesome frankens that you would like to share? If so, leave me a link!
Happy frankening!

1 comment:

Jes said...

love all of them.. but especially that first one.
xx jes