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The Nail Files

Today I am excited to feature a polish I made! A home made polish mixed with other already made polishes and glitters is called a franken. I personally only mix glitters. I make the colors myself.

The Nail Files

I posted a few of my frankens yesterday and after I show you my featured franken, I am going to post the rest of them here!

This is called Tealing my Heart and it is the second franken I made. I made it about a month ago and just kind of shoved it with the rest of my polish on the shelf and forgot about it until last night when I joined a group on facebook dedicated to people that make frankens. I decided to swatch all of my frankens so I could share them on the group and I loved this so much that I reapplied it after swatching the others!
Notice that I decided it was time for square nails again? I'm happy that I made that choice :)

Here are the rest of my frankens!
This is called: Purple People Eater. It's a purple base with a light hint of scattered glitter and glitter flakes.
 This is called Pinky and the Brain. It's a sheer pink base with some glitter flakes and holo (holographic) scatter glitter.
 This is called Hulk Smash. It is a sheer green base with lots of scattered glitter, multi colored glitter flakes and blue hex glitters.
 This is called Glossy Mossy. It is a sheer green/teal base with a lot of scatter glitter and blue and silver hex glitters.
 This is called Supernova. It is a creme black base with green and blue scatter glitter
 This is called To Infinite and Beyond. It has a purple base with a ton of holo scatter glitter.
 This is called Spring Fling. It is a lavender base with lots of holo scatter glitter and holo hex glitters.
I don't have a top coat on any of these but with top coat they are all gorgeous! If you want to see my other 4 frankens, you can see them here: Franken Swatches!


Samantha said...

I want Pinky and the Brain...and Glossy Mossy! Let me know if you want my address :P

Kimberlee Van Der Wall said...

Very cool!

Life With Lauren said...

They are all such pretty colors!

tara said...

these are all so pretty!

Laura said...

Love them all!