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Revlon Whimsical over Essie Smooth Sailing

I changed my polish twice in one day. That was a record breaker. Usually I will go at least 1-2 days (I have been trying to go 3-4 now). It wasn't because of my polish A D D though, it was because I just didn't like this:
I DO like the polish, I do. I just hated it over a dark color. Maybe I am crazy, I just didn't dig it.

I decided to use Whimsical for the first time and I am really happy I did! I did this mani on Saturday and I really love it. So much that it is still on my nails =)
Helloooooo gorgeous! I wasn't going to get Whimsical for a while because it was sooo hyped up but now I know why. She looks amazing over a darker blue!

I am incredibly excited that I will soon have 4 NerdLacquers. I have been dying to have a few ever since I first laid my eyes on them and the creator is being kind enough to do a group order for me and a few other girls. STOKED. Here are the ones I am getting:

I seriously can't WAIT to swatch these! Holy Grail... DROOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!


Whitney @ Everything Happens For a Reason said...

Holy glitter! I love it!

Allie said...

holy. amazeballs. u have radtastic taste in nail polish!!! i have to have cyance friction and holy grail! u have to tell me where u get them!

Carmen said...

I love your nailpolish choices! :)