Super cute giveaway!

Go check it out! I SO want to win!


SoldiersAngel said...

I have an award for you =)

*No this is not spam LOL

kelsey said...

How are you doing?? I wish you luck on winning the stuff :D
I really am thinking about doing an Etsy shop here soon. I do clay stuff and bracelets and other crafts.
It'd be military related of course :]
Also! You should think about what you want for a layout and describe it to me and I will make a prototype.
Let me know colors and send me links to pictures you want up. Tell me how many nav bars you want and anything else you can think of! I'd like to start it before I start working a ton!!!

Skinnie Piggie said...

I'm breaking my rule of it being mandatory for you to include an e-mail address in one of your comments as long as you reply by 5pm (Hawaii) tomorrow... You are the winner via random.org. However if you don't e-mail me back I'll be forced to choose another winner. {skinniepiggie @ gmail.com}