Inspiration through music

This has been one of my inspirational lines lately: Whether you fall means nothing at all. It's whether you get up <3

I have been trying to find sources of inspiration through the miscarriage. Talking to people hasn't seemed to be helping so I have come to realize I have to fight this myself because I am the reason. I am why people aren't getting through to me. However, music is my outlet. I need it to get me through the rainy days. I can't imagine life without music. I love everyone who has been trying to help me, trust me when I say that. All of your kind words and prayers have not been ignored. I appreciate all of them. Even if the words didn't help, knowing so many people care, did. Please don't take offense when I say people aren't helping. I just have a serious defense mechanism because of my past and I have had to get through some really hard times all. by. myself. Me and music, that's all I had at one point. That, I believe, is the only reason I turn to music instead of people. I don't even know if I am making sense right now because I am sick and I am tired but I hope I am and I hope I didn't offend anyone. I love you guys.

On another note, a possum has been hanging out on our back porch lately and I so don't like it. Those things are stinking ugly and I'm scared if I go back there he's going to attack me. AND I am scared to open the sliding door. If that thing came in our house I would just die!


Alana said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. I can't imagine how you're feeling.

xmydearambellina said...

Awww opossums are cute!!! They're just weird looking.

Music is a great way to get through things. It's what I used when my Dad died. It's what I still use.

kelseykat said...

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