Our Story in Pictures

 In the beginning was one boy and one girl:
New years 2009
New years day *2010*
St. Patricks day 2010
My sleepy head <3 March 2010
Our first extended period of time apart as a couple. Joint Warrior March-May 2010.
And the end of that 2 month underway!!! May 2010.
Photo op! May 2010.
Taken shortly before my Sailor changed my life May 31, 2010 <3
Taken the day after I said yes! June 1st, 2010
A few of my favorites from our engagement photoshoot <3


Our photographer did such an awesome job!


You can't catch me! June 7, 2010
Our engagement announcement. June 2010.
Random photo op! July 2010.
Husband and wife! July 31, 2010 <3
Wedding night! No we aren't naked, unless you remove the towels lol <3
Busch Gardens August 2010.
Kiss sammich! Lol. Ryans birthday party/housewarming party August 2010.
The day before deployment. August 16, 2010.
D Day. Look how good we faked being happy! Haha. August 17, 2010.

Pardon me while I fast forward 6 freaking months.................................

HOMECOMING!!!!! 2.16.2011 <3
Patiently waiting for the ship to pull in!
This is my "Uhmmmm... Everyone and their mother is off the ship, WHERE IS MY HUSBAND?!" face lol.
Our first hug in 6 months!
Our first kiss in 6 months!
This is what TRUE HAPPINESS looks like =D
<3 So happy!
So happy to be together again <3
We went to DC for a short getaway when he got back. This is the Iwo Jima memorial <3
Feb. 2011 photo op!
A few of my favorite from a photoshoot we did in March 2011
Feeling like kids again <3
Hahaha I'm happy he's sad, just like the masks :p
My fave <3
St. Patricks day 2011
At our friends hockey game in May of 2011
At Patriotic Fest Va. Beach ocean front seeing Darius Rucker in June 2011.

The BIG wedding 5.31.2011 (1 year after we got engaged)
My daddy walking me down to my Sailor <3
Lighting the unity candle
We're married... AGAIN! Lol.
July 18th, our lives were changed by this test <3
At 5 weeks and 5 days we got to see our baby for the first and last time :'( RIP Angel Baby
North Carolina September 17th. 

Well, that's our story in a nutshell right now. We are trying our best to move forward with our lives and we can't wait until we can start trying to get pregnant again. We mostly can't wait until God blesses us with a healthy baby *hopefully* next year <3


Christina said...

This is really cute how you did this. Makes me want to steal your idea. On a side note.. I'm super happy I could be there to capture a couple of your memories for you!

chambanachik said...

I loved this! I kind of want to borrow the idea too! :)

Brittany Sommer said...

Lol you ladies feel free! I have been meaning to do something like this for a while now!

Kelsey said...

Great idea and lovely pictures! You two look so in love :)

Nicole said...

great pictures!