House hunting

Yes, that's right. We are on the prowl. After talking about it Ryan and I decided to buy a house. Yes, we are only going to be in the area FOR SURE for 3 more years but we are sick to death of renting and them raising the rent every year and everything else that comes with renting a home. We were pre approved for a home loan yesterday 10 minutes before we were set to meet with our realtor to look at a few houses.

I'm not going to lie, I felt VERY violated when our mortgage broker called and asked us about credit cards and things that previously went into collections. I felt sick to my stomach after we got off the phone with her. I didn't think we would get approved for the loan after speaking with her because I don't have good credit at all. It's not HORRIBLE but it isn't good. Ryan has good/great credit so I wasn't worried on his end. She was asking me about things that were paid late when I was younger and why they had been sent to collections and all I could think was, "What business is that of YOURS, broad". Sigh, I just don't like people being in my business but I know it's all a part of this.

So, now begins the search for what is closest to our dream home in our price range :)

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