Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day!

A little about me:

I am a Navy wife of almost 2 years and a Navy girlfriend/fiance of almost 2 1/2 years. I started my blog when I was still a girlfriend so that tells you just about how long I have been doing this! I am 26 years old and my husband and I are trying to conceive after suffering a devastating loss of our first and only pregnancy. I babysit full time at home and my husband was just transferred to shore duty. We are loving every minute of it after him being on a ship for 5 years (I met him and we quickly became best friends after he was on his ship for a year and a half). We live in Virginia Beach, Virginia and we have an adorable dogder named, Mocha. She is a ray of sunshine in a cloudy, dark sky. We recently started fostering to adopt a 5 year old Walker Hound named Bo but due to a few issues, we will no longer have him after today :(

Today, being MSA Day, I have a little to say (I posted this in the morning on my Facebook but you ALL deserve to see it!: 

Do you see that woman over there crying? Her husband just deployed and she is feeling completely helpless and lonely. Do you see that woman shopping by herself with 3 kids? She has to shop alone because her husband is out on a mission. Do you see that man eating alone? He has to eat alone because his wife is underway for the next 2 weeks. The only people that know and understand what the military spouse goes through are other military spouse's. We are mothers, sisters, daughters, dads, sons, brothers, nieces, nephews, grandchildren and cousins and we are all part of a [not so] silent and [not so] small sisterhood/brotherhood. We deserve a pat on the back for all that we do while our husbands/wives are away. Today is Military Spouse Appreciation Day and I want to extend an "I appreciate you!" to ALL the spouses! Will you?

I hope you all have a wonderful day! Never forget, you ARE appreciated!!! <3<3<3


Brea said...

Hi Brittany!

I'm visiting from the MilSpouse Blog Hop! Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day to you!

It is very nice to meet you!

Athena said...

Happy MilSpouse Appreciation Day :)

TheAlbrechtSquad said...

Hello! Sorry about your loss. I look forward to reading your blog!

Stopping by from the blog hop.

Lauren M Wilcox said...

Hi Brittany! My boyfriend just left me a few days ago for Navy Boot Camp, so I've been getting a lot of advice from your blog :) I hope that I can be as strong as you've been through all of these separations.

I started one of my own chronicling my emotions, and I can already tell that writing about it is making me feel better.

The plan is to move with him to Virginia Beach area in two years, so I'm also gaining insight about the area from your posts!

Happy military spouse appreciation day, and thank you for helping me out with your blog during this chaotic time. Can't wait to read more. :)

Marinewife1111 {Marcella} said...

Happy (late) military spouse appreciation day!
I hope you have a great weekend!

Mack said...

Hi! I am a little late from the BlogHop. It was nice to meet you! Happy belated military spouse appreciation day!! Amanda