Mothers Day

Today should be a day of happiness, not tears, yet as soon as I woke up this morning, I felt like a ton of bricks was on my heart. As you all know, I was supposed to officially be a mommy at the end of March but I miscarried at the beginning of September. It has left a terrible empty feeling in my soul. I should have been a mommy to a sweet, precious baby on earth, not an angel in heaven who I couldn't see, touch, feed, laugh with, cry with, and raise. My mind is weary today. This should have been my first Mother's Day as a mommy.

When you are wishing everyone a Happy Mother's Day, please don't forget about the "statistics". 1 in 4 pregnancys end in miscarriage. Today is a hard day for us angel mommys.

I do feel blessed that our baby is spending mothers day in heaven with my Grandma, though. I just know they are having a great time with the rest of the family up there, but it doesn't make lil ole me down here want my baby to be here, too.

I hope you ALL have a happy mother's day, whether your baby has 4 paws, 2 legs or angel wings <3


Navywife102409 said...

I'm having a really hard time today too. I'm trying so hard to not let it get the best of me and just keep my head above water today but it is slipping too fast. I'm not sure if hubby having duty today is helpful or the worst thing. On the one hand, I can have a meltdown whenever I want to and not have to worry what someone else thinks, but it would be nice to have him here to distract me. Hang in there. I'm right there with you today.

Stephanie Hartman said...

Hey I'm a new follower to your blog and I totally agree about not forgetting the statistics my friends miscarried triplets she was due in January so I'm sure shes taking this day a little hard as well.. My husband and I have been trying to have a baby for 4 years now and were told were unable to have kids but only time will tell. keep your head up girl.

chambanachik said...

Hugs <3

Delainey said...

Hang in there!! You never know what the following mothers day will bring =]

Shannon said...

First, I am so sorry for your loss. I haven't been keeping up with blogs but am taking some time now to get caught up and cleaned out. I know how hard Mother's Day, due dates, pregnancy dates, "supposed to be" birthdays, and all of the rest can be. Thankfully this Mother's Day I was really busy spending time with my dad at a golf match. My mind was completely off of what the day was. It's been a little over two years since I lost my baby and I can say it gets easier, but the pain is always there. I read your post below and would agree that therapy really does help. You should try it. Hugs!