Update and UPGRADE!

First thing's first, they came and got Bo yesterday and took him to a new home because we had a few issues with him. I felt really sad that he had to go and the old lady that took him was kind of mean in her own way by just not really saying anything to us when she came to get him. I felt like she was silently judging us as being bad people because we couldn't adopt him. We told her we would keep him until they were able to find him a new home and we even told her we had friends that were interested in taking him but she emailed me Thursday night and told me she would be coming to get him Friday. I felt like someone took a hammer to my heart. He really was a sweet dog, he just had issues that weren't going to change, like growling at Mocha most of the time she tried to play with him. One of the big reasons we wanted another dog was so she would have a play mate.

Things this way are going pretty good although I am depressed BIG TIME about not being able to get pregnant again. I haven't gotten through the miscarriage depression yet. I went as far as to tell Ryan that I think I need to see a therapist. I really think I do.

Anyone who has been on the blog long enough knows this is what my ring looks like:

I love it. It is special to me and will always be held close to my heart but after much thinking, Ryan decided it was time for an upgrade!!!
It's so stunning that I find myself having Attention Deficit OHHHH SHINY! Driving home was quite the task.
And, yes, he got a new one too! His old one was just a wider version of my band but now it's this!
It's Tungsten Carbide and we both love it!

We are both sooooooooo happy with our new rings! It made my Military Spouse Appreciation Day pretty darn epic.

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Sue said...

I love your new ring! I still stare at mine when it sparkles on my finger, I don't think that ever goes away.